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Arizona is a beautiful state, but one has to be careful of the local wildlife. Specifically, in this case, herds of javelina are quite common. You might find them in your backyard, out on the streets, or in parking lots. They tend to travel in herds around Phoenix and the surrounding areas. In Arizona, javelinas find their natural habitats in central and southern locations, such as Tucson, Flagstaff, and Sedona.

two javelina fighting in phoenix arizona
Two javelina duking it out in a Maricopa County

If you encounter javelina, do not approach these creatures. They can be overly aggressive, given their bestial nature. Javelina removal is required to deal with them to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is what you need to know about the javelina.

What Is A Javelina?

A javelina also goes by the name of peccary or skunk pig. Contrary to popular belief, javelinas are not domestic pigs despite their similar appearance. Originally from Europe, this particular species spread all across the American continents. Javelinas are medium-sized animals with poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell.

Javelinas travel in groups that range from six to a dozen. A dominant male leads the charge, with at least one female and a few smaller children. However, there are cases where one alone wanders off to a nearby city. They tend to dwell in desert areas with rich vegetation, which Arizona provides in plenty. As a result, there is a slight chance you can encounter one near you. For example, they might knock down your outdoor trash can to look for potential food.

Why Do Javelinas Pose A Problem?

You should exercise caution with javelinas since they can pose a threat to humans. While cases aren’t common, injuries are known to occur when people aren’t careful. Javelinas have four tusks in total, with two on each side of their mouth. Since they occasionally bite in perceived self-defense, their sharp teeth can lead to serious wounds. They can also charge at you if they feel threatened for any reason, even if you didn’t notice them in the first place.

Pets are also potential targets of javelinas. For example, if you take your dog out for a walk, javelina might notice them. Due to their keen smelling technique and basic instincts, javelina may approach your dog. What happens is they might confuse your dog for a coyote, which is their natural predator. A random attack to you is what the javelina considers trying to fend for themselves against a threat.

You might notice a few defensive behaviors of javelina before they attack. These include growling and teeth grinding. If this happens, they might prepare to charge at you.

What Can Be Done About This Situation?

Even a single javelina can pose a threat to a human. In the event there is one near you, maintain your distance and stay away. The main reason why javelinas frequent these areas is they search for food. Whether they find it lying on the ground or someone is feeding them, javelinas get used to it and stick around. In any event, you need to call for professional assistance.

Our Javelina Removal Services

Give us a call, and we can do a proper investigation.

There are several methods that companies use to capture and release javelinas into the wild. However, it requires skillful precision and state-of-the-art equipment. You can count on us for javelina removal in your area. All it takes is setting up the right trap.

If anyone feeds the javelina, we kindly ask them to stop. We then figure out where the javelina might frequent for food. Once we do so, we can set up a trap. These traps are entirely humane, which means we don’t hurt the javelina. What we do is bring about a perimeter wall to keep them in a confined area. We bait them with leftover food and wait until they arrive. Our team either captures them with hand snares or by leading them into a cage.

Since javelinas might make a fuss in their cage, we take great care to ensure they are comfortable in their cage. We make sure to hydrate them with water, especially in the hot climate. Now we can look for a new environment to safely drop them off.

If you see javelina in your area, give us a call. We can take care of this situation for you.

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