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Pigeon problems do not go away with temperature, season, or time. Once you spot them in your residential or commercial property, the chances are that they are there to stay. At first glance, you may think pigeons are just harmless birds looking for food. The reality is that they are looking to set up shop, and if they find your property comfortable, they won't leave on their own. That's why our Phoenix pigeon control services offer full-proof pigeon removal. All routines are conducted using humane practices that are safe for the pigeons and safe to you and your property.

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Pigeons are the scourge of Phoenix solar panels and rooftop air conditioners

If pigeons are not yet a problem to your property but the problem still looms, we also do pigeon proofing. In fact, we highly recommend you proof your property from pigeons, especially if these pesky birds populate your Phoenix neighborhood or the surrounding area.

As a highly rated Phoenix pigeon control company based in Maricopa County, you can give us a call today and enjoy our stellar customer service.

Why Pigeons are Dangerous to Your Property

Pigeons Pose Roofing and Structural Problems

When pigeons start to swarm to your property, they are more than likely looking for a place to settle down. For this, they like to find small areas to burrow and set up their nests. Your residential or commercial property can make the perfect place for that. So, while they are living, eating, sleeping, and leaving bird droppings, your home or business risks losing its structural quality.

When these pest birds make their way to the exterior of your home or business, they can cause unwanted damage–especially to your roof. This poses severe issues with water control and protection of the interior. Additionally, pigeon feces are acidic and can harm the piping and structural integrity of your building.

To keep your property safe from the destruction of pigeons, call our pigeon removal services.

Pigeons Contain Germs You Do Not Want Inside

Pigeons are known as pest birds, and you should want to remove them from your property as soon as possible. You also want to prevent them from entering in the first place, mostly because they can spread unwanted and harmful germs. Pigeons can cause disease because of their presence in the wild and lack of domestication. Ultimately, you do not want what they carry inside your home or business.

For pigeon control services–that remove, protect, and prevent–call our pigeon control company. With years of experience and the most up-to-date equipment, we take care of your bird problem and make sure they don’t come back.

Pigeons don’t Make Great Pets

You do not want pigeons ending up in your home or business because of the disease they carry and their status as pest birds. Pigeons are classified as pests because they are not native to North America. They also have no natural predators in the United States. Therefore, you do not want to have pigeons on your property–even as a pet. Call our professional pigeon removal company in Phoenix, Arizona, and get the bird control you need.

Our Pigeon Control Phoenix Services

Pigeon Proofing and Prevention

When pigeons become a problem in surrounding neighborhoods, you need safe and effective bird control solutions. We offer proofing and prevention help within our toolbelt of bird control services so that these pest birds do not even consider nesting in your home or business.

Our pigeon deterrent is not harmful to any bird nor to the structure of your property. It simply encourages the pigeons to nest somewhere else because the deterrent signals that your residence is not safe for their residence.

Getting rid of these pest birds can be irritating and challenging. Be one step ahead of the game and solve the bird problem before it even begins. Call us today!

Solar Panel Protection

If your home or business in Phoenix, AZ, has solar panels, you know that they are not cheap. So, when a swarm of pigeons threaten to dismantle or roughen up those panels, it is best to hire the services of a pigeon control service. However, you can’t just hire anyone. Our control company has been in the game for years, and we understand how the pigeon problem endangers your solar panels.

Contact us for solar panel protection that rids your roof of every single pigeon and ensures that they do not come back. Just as your solar panels protect the environment, we protect your solar panels from pigeons.

Rooftop AC Units Protection

Your rooftop AC unit is another structural element that you surely want pigeon-free. When a pigeon conquers this part of the property, its germs have access to entering the interior–which is the last thing you want. Fortunately, our effective pigeon deterrents successfully remove every pigeon while keeping your AC unit safe and secure.

Bird control goes beyond the exterior of your home and property. Your rooftop AC unit is a prime target, especially during the summer when the heat becomes unbearable. We specialize in pigeon control within AC units so that you can have your bird control problem taken care of confidently.

Residential Pigeon Removal

There is nothing worse than when an invader visits your home. In this case, the invader is a pigeon, and it can create long-term issues if not controlled. All our bird control solutions–removal and prevention– are offered to owners of residential property. Whether they invade the roof, an AC unit, or other aspects of your home, we can take command of the issue for you.

Our residential services include pigeon removal using the most advanced techniques. We also put a lot of care and attention into the way we conduct the eviction of pigeons, as your home is still under threat while the birds are there. Then, we input prevention strategies to make sure that the pest problem does not return. Finally, we always conclude the service with cleanup because handling pigeon germs without the proper knowledge can be dangerous.

Call our phone today and fight back against pigeon invaders.

Commercial Pigeon Control and Removal Solutions

Our bird control solutions are not limited to homes and residential properties. We also serve businesses both big and small to help solve their pigeon problem. A pigeon problem does not restrict itself in the buildings it chooses. So, when you have other things you need to do, such as run a business, let us do ours.

With multiple years in de-pigeon-ifying businesses, you can have complete confidence in our service. Just how we treat homes, we remove the pest from the property safely and humanely. We then address the pigeon problem by preventing them from coming back. We use safe deterrents that protect your business while still being safe. Finally, we finish up the job with a cleanup procedure.

Pressure Washing and Cleanup

Once your property is pigeon-free, we can’t leave you to do the cleanup. Pigeons are gross, germ-infested creatures that can spread disease. We complete our work by offering our pressure washing service that deep cleans everything from the imprint of pigeons. Although we always help clean up, you can opt for the added pressure washing to really cleanse your property in the aftermath of bird control.

Give us a call and see how we can conduct successful and safe bird control while protecting your property from the return of pigeons.

Why Choose Us?

As a bird control service based in Phoenix, we always guarantee excellent service to all our clients, whether they are right next door or located in areas like Glendale and Arcadia. Here are some more reasons to trust our bird and pest control.


Our team of experienced workers is professional and understands the importance of your property–it’s where you reside. Therefore, it is not a place for pigeons. When you hire us to work, you are always met with professional technicians who understand bird control and can remove pigeons safely and properly.


If you want bird control specialists to do a great job, you need to guarantee they have plenty of experience. At our company, we only employ those with substantial experience–at least a few years. Therefore, you can be sure that that specialist who arrives at your door understands the work and can give you the proper bird control.

Effective Control Methods

We don’t like to brag, but with years of work in the industry, we have done a great job of consistently removing pigeons and ensuring that they stay away. While we work, the methods we use are all industry standard, and we have the most up-to-date technology to combat pigeons safely.

For great service in bird control, contact us today and receive a free consultation.

Friendly and Resourceful Service

You cannot expect great bird control without friendly and knowledgeable staff. We take pride in the offerings we provide, and every person you come in contact with–whether by phone or at the worksite–is always ready to greet you with neighborly advice and assistance. Whether you seek advice, a free consultation, or schedule an appointment, call our phone operators happy to help.


What Is the Best Deterrent for Pigeons?

To keep pigeons from your property, you need to make sure that you establish vulnerable areas as uncomfortable or unfit to house this type of bird. A natural way is to attach spikes. These deter any bird from nesting or resting in the space. However, spikes may not be the most attractive way to keep the birds away. Instead, you can call our number for expert removal and prevention techniques that use safe deterrents. While they are not threatening to pigeons, they certainly keep them away.

What Keeps Pigeons Away from the House?

There are different ways to keep pigeons away from your home–trapping, using deterrents, spraying chemical repellents, and creating physical barriers. Trapping can be difficult, especially if you do not have any experience. Additionally, spraying chemical repellents can be harmful to you and your property if you don’t understand the effect of all the ingredients, and creating barriers may not be attractive for the property exterior or curb appeal.

For the best pigeon control, contact us because we understand the ins and outs of bird control and how to handle your pigeons safely and effectively. We understand the frustrations behind controlling your pigeon problem. Leave the stress to us as we can work through the problem with precision and effectiveness.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Pigeons?

A pigeon is attracted to a roof or space if it is comfortable enough to set up shop. However, you can remove pigeons naturally or by using chemical repellents. You can also set up spikes to keep pigeons away. For safe and effective methods, be sure to contact us. We have a diverse toolbelt of techniques that can tend to your specific situation. All our specialists understand the complexities of bird control, and for that, have a wide range of methods that can tailor to your problem.

How Do Pest Control Pros Get Rid of Pigeons?

The pros take a more methodical approach to removing and preventing pigeons. We first analyze the situation and inspect the area. Then, using professional techniques and technology, we use strategized procedures that work according to your pigeon problem. As pros in the industry, we try to stay away from the artificial chemicals that keep the pesky birds away. If possible, we always go with the natural and pesticide-free method. However, there are some situations in which we cannot do that, and so we take the next best approach while staying safe.

Best Pigeon Control in the Phoenix Area

We are proud to represent the area of Phoenix, as well as Arcadia, Chandler, and other surrounding areas. We always promise to do a great job that is safe, effective, and affordable. As pigeons create more damage the longer they inhabit your property, we highly recommend you take advantage of our bird control offerings–they can save you money in the long run. Plus, with years of experience in the industry, you can confide in us to keep your home or business healthy and pigeon-free.

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