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Snake removal is a dangerous but important part of living in Phoenix. Arizona is home to 35-40 different species of snake, so you're going to end up dealing with them at some point if you're living in the Valley. You don't need to risk getting bit by a venomous rattlesnake yourself, though. We offer rattlesnake solutions and snake control from Cave Creek to Paradise valley, so make sure you're not putting yourself at risk needlessly.

snake being removed from a house in Phoenix
Snake removed from a house in Phoenix

We remove every kind of snake found in Arizona. We’ve been controlling snakes for years, so we know what we’re doing and how dangerous it is.

This kind of wildlife can’t be trifled with, so if you find any rattlesnakes on your yard or property, make sure to hire our professional services for yourself.

We’re experts in the control and removal of rattlesnakes. We’ve been in the control and removal business for years now, so let us take care of your snake problem.

Venomous Snakes in Arizona

Every single snake is a pest, but venomous ones are significantly worse than the non-venomous alternative. This is the type of snake that requires professional control and removal in Phoenix.

Depending on where you’re living in Phoenix, you’re going to be dealing with some snakes more than others.

The most common type of venomous rattlesnake found in Arizona, particularly in any area close to the native desert habitat like Fountain Hills, is the Western Diamondback rattlesnake.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

This snake is large and hostile. If you approach one or attempt to remove the snake yourself, expect to be bitten. If you come across this snake on your Phoenix property, let it go about its business and call pest control. We have the skills and equipment needed to remove this venomous snake safely, so don’t senselessly put your safety at risk.

The Western Diamondback rattlesnake is the most common type of venomous snake in Arizona, particularly in areas like Fountain hills. You can identify the snake by its white and black striped tail and the white diamond pattern on its back.

Speckled Rattlesnake

The speckled rattlesnake is found all over Phoenix, Arizona, but particularly around the South Mountain area.

This snake can vary in color dramatically from place to place. In the aforementioned South Mountain, they’re typically a dull white. Moving into North Phoenix, the snake begins to take on a brown shade before becoming orange, moving into Cave Creek.

Therefore, it can be difficult to identify these snakes depending on where you live. A speckled rattlesnake from Paradise Valley and one from Cave Creek look almost entirely different.

The snake has a highly flecked pattern that is meant to resemble granite which it keeps regardless of its color variation.

While this snake isn’t as big or aggressive as the Western Diamondback, it is still a hostile snake. Make sure you don’t try to remove the snake yourself and call our pest control immediately. This goes for all the venomous snakes in Arizona.

Mojave Rattlesnake

The Mojave rattlesnake is one of the most dangerous venomous snakes in all of Arizona. Unlike the other snakes on this list, its venom carries an extremely potent neurotoxin that can kill you if you let it enter your bloodstream.

The Mojave rattlesnake is deadlier than the Western Diamondback and is the most dangerous snake found in Phoenix. If you see one of these snakes, do not approach it. Call our rattlesnake solutions hotline immediately and keep your distance from the snake.

If it bites you, you’re going to die within minutes without any immediate medical attention. It would shock you how many people die to snakes like these due to nothing but ignorance. While you’re not going to see a species like this around your house often, it can still happen; all it takes is a bad day. Call our rattlesnake solutions service if you ever see any snakes around your home.

Snakes are dangerous, as is the removal and control of them. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way or you may end up hospitalized or worse.

The Mojave looks similar to the Western Diamondback species of rattlesnakes. You can differentiate between the two due to the cleaner nature of the Mojave’s scales, as well as its more white-dominated tail.

This snake is found in the open desert areas of Arizona, so make sure you’re keeping your home secure if that’s the kind of habitat you’re living in.

Sonoran Sidewinder

This snake is small compared to the other rattlesnakes found in Arizona. It typically lives in sandy areas around the desert. The snake generally only grows to about two feet in length and can be identified by its unique side-winding method of moving.

It’s easier to identify a Sonoran Sidewinder than the other snakes you might find in your yard thanks to the distinctive horns protruding over each of its eyes, as well as the brown and white ribbon running along the back of it.

If you need help removing or identifying a snake-like this, give our professional snake removal company a call on 480-237-9975, and we can figure out how to make our services work for you.

Blacktailed Rattlesnake

Despite being larger than a lot of the other wildlife snakes found in the Arizona area, the blacktailed rattlesnake is less aggressive than most other species in the area.

This snake is usually found in mountainous areas and can be identified by its vivid pattern, brown/yellow/orange scales, and the black tail from which the snake gets its name.

Despite being less aggressive than the other snakes you might find on your property, it’s still venomous. Do not approach it if you stumble across it and let our services remove it.

Sonoran Coralsnake

The Sonoran Coralsnake is among the most easily identifiable snakes in Arizona. It has a distinctive red, black, and white pattern and is remarkably small compared to the other venomous species that you may stumble across on your property.

The Sonoran Coralsnake is extremely rare. It primarily lives underground in the desert area surrounding Phoenix, so chances are you’re never going to have to remove this snake.

This species can grow up to two feet in length, but most are significantly smaller than that. Its head is so small that unless you picked the snake up or stood on it barefoot, it’s going to struggle to bite you.

The snake is still venomous, though. Thus, make sure you get a professional to remove it from the area if you ever deal with it.

Tiger Rattlesnake

The tiger rattlesnake is another of those rattlesnakes that you seldom see. It tends to keep to itself in rocky and mountainous areas, although it may be found in every rocky area around the Valley rather than a single location, exclusively.

The tiger rattlesnakes and speckled rattlesnakes look similar in appearance. However, the tiger has a smaller had and a larger rattle.

Non-Venomous Snakes in Arizona

Just because a snake is non-venomous doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. These snakes still require pest control around Paradise Valley, as well as the wider Phoenix Arizona area.

Call our professional services team if you ever require snake control or removal. Do not attempt a DIY snake removal. Not only can you end up getting bitten, but you might incorrectly ID the snake and misidentify it as non-venomous when it isn’t.

With that being said, aside from being a nuisance, most non-venomous snakes in Phoenix are harmless. You should still call our pest control team to ID the snake and ensure it’s safe, however.

Every single member of our company is a snake expert. They’ve all dealt with pest removal and rattlesnake control for ears now. They know how to keep your home and yard safe, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You can contact our professional team. Let us see what services you need from us so that we can get your property secured.

The Dangers of DIY Snake Removal

Unless you’re a professional and have been working in wildlife and snake removal in the Valley for a while, DIY snake removal is an easy way to get yourself killed. Without the right experience, it can be nearly impossible to tell the difference between a safe and dangerous snake.

Our Phoenix snake removal control team has trained for years to be able to handle and control snakes in a safe manner. It takes this expertise and specialized equipment to keep our team from getting bitten, but you don’t have access to those resources.

Rattlesnakes like the Mojave are capable of killing you in minutes if it bites you, so don’t risk it. Even if you think a snake is safe, all it takes is a misidentification for things to go fatally wrong.

We’re capable of identifying snakes of every kind in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as completely taking care of the removal. Keep yourself and your home secure by letting us look after your snake removal problem.

Phoenix, Arizona Dead Snake Removal

Snake removal and control in Phoenix isn’t all about dealing with a live pest in your home or yard. There may come a time when you stumble across a snake that is already dead. In that case, contact us and always stay away from the carcass. The snake might still be alive.

We can get rid of the snake in the best and most humane way possible. It would come as a surprise to you how often people think a snake is dead only for it to still be capable of biting. There are many cases of people getting bit for this exact reason, so don’t let yourself fall into that trap.

The safest thing you can do for yourself and your family is to contact us regardless of the situation. If there’s a snake involved, let our business move it away. We’ve got the best team in all of Phoenix and can get rid of any kind of snake in a humane method.

We offer a snake ID service, so there’s no reason for you ever to get bitten because you didn’t know what kind of snake you were dealing with.

Use the information that we have to deal with snakes by your house. Our phone line is open, so call us if you live in Phoenix and have any questions.

Snake Removal Phoenix Services

Our snake removal Phoenix Arizona service has been helping people to control their home and remove rattlesnakes for years. Our service is the best pest control in all of Phoenix, and we stand by that.

We can care for any kind of rattlesnake you come across in a safe and humane way, and have an exceptional response time, to boot.

No matter how many snakes you come across in your house, we can take care of it. Some of the jobs our team works on would come as a massive surprise to you.

There is no situation, type of snake wildlife, or time of day that’s too dangerous for us. If your home has a snake problem, then call our rattlesnake solutions and snake control team.

Our Phoenix snake removal has helped countless families secure their home already, so let us do the same for you.


Our rattlesnake solutions team gets asked questions all the time. We’ve taken the most common ones that we get and put them into an FAQ section below. Feel free to get in touch with our Phoenix snakes control team if you have any queries that we don’t cover here. Some of the questions we get would surprise you, so there’s no such thing as a bad question when it comes to the removal of snakes and keeping your home safe.

Does the Fire Department Remove Snakes?

Yes, the fire department may be able to offer a snake removal service for you. However, the time slots available for this service change from day to day. If you want the safest and most immediate response, you must call a snake control service.

How Do I Control and Keep Snakes Out of My Yard in Arizona?

The best way to control and deter rattlesnakes from your home is to ensure the area is as inhospitable as possible.

Make sure you clean up any rodents around the place that a rattlesnake might use as food and get rid of any wood or debris that a snake would use as a home.

What Time of Day do Snakes Come Out?

Snakes are more active in the early morning in Phoenix. They prefer spring and summer days when there is an excess of heat.

Is it Illegal to Kill Snakes in Arizona?

Unfortunately, yes. With a valid hunting license, you are able to kill snakes in Arizona. Doing this isn’t actually going to solve your snake problem, though. Instead of killing the snake yourself, let us deal with it in a humane way. You can keep your family safe without needlessly killing a snake.

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